About Us

We are entrepreneurs - and love working with people. Mastering challenges, breaking new ground in a team, taking part in developments - that's what fulfills our lives.

Fast. Reliable. Flexible

We have been sharpening our expertise and know-how in the areas of filters and textile laser cutting for over 50 years. Our small company, based in Werther in East Westphalia, can react flexibly to your needs - even when things have to happen quickly.


Our heraldic animal: the kingfisher. Where he feels comfortable, the waters are still fine. We have a lot in common with the kingfisher: its distinctive, multi-colored, iridescent plumage is a symbol for a variety of products that only we can offer you. Its incomparably fast wing beats and maneuverability stand for fast delivery and a high level of mobility that you as a customer can expect from your Winkler team.

Last but not least, the kingfisher is considered an endangered species that is under strict nature protection in Germany.

On this issue, too, we feel very connected to the flying gem, as the people like to call it. Because Winkler filter technology is in close competition with much larger market participants. Being able to have something ahead of them - namely being able to respond more quickly and flexibly to customer inquiries - is something we enjoy every day.

You can find out more about the kingfisher, the 2009 bird of the year in Germany, at:

Wrapping of the Reichstag with Christo

In 1995, Christiane Winkler-Schröer helped the artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude's project to cover the Reichstag in Berlin. She was responsible for quality control of the fabric used. The $13 million artwork attracted five million visitors in two weeks.