WINKLER seepage shaft filter

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WINKLER seepage shaft filter bag: The inexpensive disposable solution

Tire abrasion, leaves, leftover food and cigarette butts: all kinds of waste collect in sealed areas such as parking lots or company premises. This is not only unhygienic, but also a problem from an ecological perspective. Many companies are aware of this, as new regulations are constantly emerging that are intended to reduce the economy's CO 2 footprint - at state and EU level. Companies that do not want to keep up with this development, but rather anticipate it, are looking for an efficient, sustainable and at the same time inconspicuous solution for filtering rainwater on their property. A product that meets these high demands is the seepage filter bag from our range.

The filter bag can be installed in the appropriate drainage shaft within a very short time and secured securely using tabs attached all around. Once installed, the filter cleans the rainwater of any solids that accumulate. An internal coarse filter and the external filter ensure that even particularly fine dirt particles of up to 80 µm are reliably filtered and do not end up in the ground.

Easy to use and quickly changeable

Developed in 2013, this filter bag is already being used successfully by many companies and impresses with its easy handling. Replacing the filter bag is also extremely easy. If the filter needs to be replaced, it can be easily lifted out using the integrated tabs and a rope.

The WINKLER seepage shaft filter bag: all the advantages at a glance

  • Variable: The WINKLER seepage shaft filter bag is available in different sizes and volumes - from DN1000 to DN1500 or DN2000, we have all standard dimensions in stock. By the way: We can also supply you with custom-made products upon request.
  • Robust: The filter bag is made of tear-resistant and heat-resistant polypropylene (PP). This means you can always be sure that the rainwater is filtered reliably and safely over a long period of time.
  • Practical: Using this filter bag is simple, efficient and extremely uncomplicated. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of time and energy to benefit from the advantages of this filter bag.

WINKLER seepage shaft filter bag: technical details

material Polypropylene needle felt
dimension Variable – DN1000, DN1500, DN 2000 or custom-made
Weight per unit area 200gsm
Air permeability (l*dm-²*min-¹) 1200
Continuity value (DWA-M 153, DWA-A 138) 0.5
delivery time 1-2 workdays

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