WINKLER filter bag for pond sludge

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    WINKLER filter bag for pond sludge: Finally clean pond water

    Whether in your home garden or on company premises: contaminated pond water is not a pretty sight and also puts a strain on animals and plants that live in the body of water. With our reusable filter bag you can reliably clean your pond water of mud and dirt.

    Sure – pond water is naturally cloudier than tap water. After all, even a small pond is a biotope that is home to fish, insects and plants. Careful pond maintenance is still important. If algae, leftover food or leaves are not removed regularly, sludge can form, which not only smells unpleasant, but also stimulates the growth of unwanted algae. Little by little, the once clean pond water turns into an unsightly broth. The good news: It doesn't have to come to that.

    Filter bags for pond cleaning in the WINKLER online shop

    Our filter bags are an excellent solution for filtration of your pond water. The application is very simple : the pond water is pumped into the filter bag, which is placed on the bank, using a pump or mud vacuum cleaner. The water flows through the bag and is filtered. Even coarser suspended particles from 150µm remain in the filter bag. The purified water then runs back into the pond. The filter bag itself is closed with a cable tie or clamp during the cleaning process and can be opened to empty the collected dirt. The result: clean pond water and easy disposal of the sludge.

    WINKLER filter bag for pond cleaning: All the advantages at a glance

    • No loss of valuable pond water
    • The bag can be reused many times
    • Extreme tear resistance of the material and Teflon seams

    WINKLER filter bag for pond sludge: Technical details

    material Polyethylene fine fabric
    2.50 m
    width 0.44m
    opening Ø 57 mm with drawstring
    fineness nominally 150 µm
    weight 0.26kg
    Packaging Unit 1 piece
    delivery time 2-3 business days


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