Filter fleece rolls V50 from WINKLER

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  • fine-pored
  • efficient
  • inexpensive

Delivery time: currently approx. 6 weeks

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WINKLER filter fleece V50 for belt filter systems of all types

They protect the tool, ensure smooth mechanical processing and hardly any industrial company can do without them: cooling lubricants are extremely important - but unfortunately they are also correspondingly expensive. Especially when they constantly need to be replaced. With our filter fleece V50 we have developed a solution to this challenge.

Metal processing companies know the problem: When turning and milling aluminum, steel or stainless steel, foreign bodies such as fine metal shavings are created. These contaminate the cooling lubricants and reduce their shelf life. Modern belt filter systems therefore suck in contaminated emulsions with high performance and clean them using an integrated filter fleece. Only then does the filtered emulsion flow into the machine tank.

Increase the durability of your cooling lubricants

Choosing the right filter fleece is crucial for perfect filtration. Only when the material to be filtered is optimally absorbed during the continuous cleaning of cooling lubricants in drilling and milling centers can chips and dust be safely separated. Our filter fleeces guarantee that this process runs efficiently and cleanly. The result: extremely fine filtration, low maintenance costs and less wear.

Filter fleece V50: All the advantages at a glance

  • Efficient filtration of your cooling lubricants
  • Greater longevity and lower maintenance costs
  • Separation of coarse grinding dust is also possible

By the way: Our filter fleece V50 is available in different sizes and variants. With us you will find exactly the filter fleece that suits your belt filter system.

WINKLER filter fleece V50: Technical details

material Viscose
Weight per unit area (g/m²) 50
Base unit role
Standard dimensions (width x length)
  • 500mm x 100m
  • 710mm x 100m
  • 1,000mm x 100m
scope of delivery
  • 500mm : 4 rolls of 100m each
  • 710mm : 3 rolls of 100m each
  • 1000mm : 2 rolls of 100m each
delivery time currently about 6 weeks

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