WINKLER resin cartridge GO

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  • reusable
  • robust
  • stackable
Standard dimensions

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Standard dimensions

Stable filter for high volume flow

  • Reusable
  • robust
  • stackable

This 25 liter filter bag is used in ion exchange columns. The material guarantees the lowest possible resistance. The overlapping Velcro fastener prevents resin from escaping from the cartridge. The straps are dimensioned so that there is sufficient tear resistance, but the flow and stackability are not impaired.

Technical data

material Polypropylene
Fabric construction Special satin binding
Weight per unit area (g*m-²) 250
Air permeability (l*dm-²*min-¹) 800
equipment calendered
Base unit Piece
Filter fineness (µm) 100*

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Standard dimensions

Ø 400mm x 230mm