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  • robust
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  • economically
Color: blue

Delivery time: 1-2 working days

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Color: blue

    WINKLER scraper: For quick removal of the filter cake

    If fine dust, dirt and other particles are filtered out of a liquid, they are gradually deposited on the filter. Over time, a filter cake forms, which initially improves the cleaning performance. In the medium term, however, the flow resistance also increases. The result: The volume of filtered liquid decreases and the energy requirement of the system used increases. If you want to continue to operate it efficiently, the filter cake must be removed regularly. A quick, cheap and particularly effective method is to scrape off the adhering filter cake. How? With one of the tried and tested WINKLER scrapers, of course!

    The scrapers from our range are made of sturdy plastic. That's why they are particularly durable and are also ideal for stirring work and cleaning purposes - for example in the food or paint industry. But chemical and process engineering companies have also been successfully using our scrapers for many years.

    Not all scrapers are the same

    Of course – scrapers that are used to remove a filter cake are not technically highly complex products. However, there are some differences you should be aware of. Because we offer you scrapers in two different versions. The blue scrapers are ideal for cleaning filter cloths in filter presses. Despite their hardness, they are characterized by a certain elasticity (PE-MD: medium density) and thus prevent important parts of the filter system from being damaged when scraping.

    Our red scrapers were developed for cleaning containers, system parts and filter cloths in filter presses. They are slightly harder than the blue scrapers (PE-HD: high density) and less flexible. However, compared to the blue version, they are more resistant and therefore more durable.

    Whichever version you choose: Both scrapers are simple, but reliable and highly effective tools with which you can remove filter cake from your filter systems.

    WINKLER scraper: Technical details

    material Polyethylene
    dimension 400x125mm
    weight 0.24kg
    delivery time
    1-2 workdays

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